The Surge All Boss Fights – How to beat all Bosses

The Surge All Boss Fights – How to beat all Bosses

This guide shows you how to beat all bosses in The Surge. There are a total of five bosses in the game and each of them required a specific tactic.and you will earn for each boss a achievement / trophy.

P.A.X – First Boss

To defeat Pax go always behind him and attack a leg to fill up the orange bar on the top. After this bar is full, Pax will fire rockets, go immediataley close to pax so that the rockets hit him himself and then attack one of three weakpoints (2 in front, 1 behind). After some hits from you on one of the weapkpoints Pax stands up and all starts new. Repeat this 2 times and Pax is gone.

Defeated the Pacification Automaton X

LU-74 “Firebug” – Second Boss

LU-74 Firebug has 2 phases / forms. In the first phase you have to destroy 3 legs. Avoid the spin and leg attacks and destroy one leg after the other. After destroying all three legs, Firebug turns into another form and starts flying and spinning through the entire room. It is important to avoid the spin and dash attack otherwise you will die very quickly.

You can hit Firebug in this form after the spin and dash attack for a short period. Do one attack and go back and wait again. This is the safest method. If you have enough heal injection left, you can attack him also after the fire / burner attacks or the spining little legs but the chance that you get a hit from him is very high.

Defeated the LU-74 “Firebug”

Big Sister 1/3″ – Third Boss

The Big Sister 1/3 has 3 phases. In the first phase you have to destroy 2 arms. The two arms attack you alternately and perform various attack techniques. During these attacks a laser will attack you from time to time. The laser goes back and forth on your current position. To avoid all these attacks, you must dodge and move. The best chance to make a hit is when an arm comes flat on the ground to your position.

After you destroy both arms the second phase starts and you have to go forward. Here you will find 4 little laser cranes. This section is a little bit tricky but doable. The key is to keep calm and attack on the right moment. Go to the left or right side close to the railing and behind one of the lasers. Now the laser will attack you so dodge and wait. The laser is spinning around and you will notice a yellow flame. After this flame disappears the laser goes back in the starting position and now is your time to hit the laser crane once! Repeat this until the laser crane is down and switch to the laser on the opposite side. Now there is one laser down and one laser alive on each side. With the same tactic destroy the last two laser cranes and go directly to the boss and the third phase starts. One little notice, at the last laser crane the boss will start again with the laser attack so you have to dodge this attack also.

In the third phase go directly to the back as far as it goes and attack the column / stand where the boss is located. After some hits the column / stand is destroyed and the boss is nearly permanently in front. Attack him directly and dodge the attack and heal if necessary. I didn’t find a pattern so it might be random. Hit him every time if possible and don’t forget to heal yourself.

Big Sister
Defeated the Big SISTR 1/3

The Black Cerberus – Fourth Boss

The Black Cerberus fight has 2 phases. In the first phase you fight against the Black Cerberus and in the second phase you fight against a robot like P.A.X, the first boss in the game.
The 2 phases are repeated over and over again depending on damage done and/or time. Black Cerberus regenerates health in the robot phase. If it takes you too much time he will regenerate a lot of health. You have also a limited time during the fight against Black Cerberus and after a while he calls the robot and is hiding.

During the Black Cerberus fight dodge the attacks and wait that the attacks are over and hit Black Cerberus with your weapon 1 or 2 times and then dodge again the attacks and wait.
The robot phase is a little bit tricky. For the entire fight you have to hide under the roboter or he will hit you massivly. To force the robot to its knees so that you can do damage you have to do 2 things. At first remove the armor from the robots legs. After you destroy the armor the robot lifts one of his two legs. If one leg is in the air hit the other leg to force the robot to kneel down. For this step I use a fast weapon.

Kill the robot and the Black Cerberus enter the room again, rinse and repeat the steps until Black Cerberus is down.

The Black Cerberus
Defeated the security chief of Echelon 9

Rogue Process – Final Boss

The Rogue Process fight has 2 phases. In the first phase you fight against a giant beast-like creature and in the second phase against a humanoid. Both phases are not really hard but you will need a lot of healing and stamina for dodging. Movement is the important key in this fight, do not stand still or you die very quickly.

In the first phase you have to destroy the 4 legs from the giant beast-like creature and after that you have to interact with the overcharge power conduit where you start the fight. In the second phase you can hit the humanoid wherever you want. In this phase it is simple hit and run.

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