Sniper Elite 4 Anatomy for Snipers + Subsonic Challenges Guide

Sniper Elite 4 Anatomy for Snipers (Organ shot on enemy every 2 minutes) + Subsonic (Suppressed Ammo Kills Only) Challenges Guide

This guide shows you how to obtain the challenges “Anatomy for Snipers” and “Subsonic” in the game Sniper Elite 4. This challenge is located in the third DLC “Obliteration” and the best way to solve this challenge is on easy difficulty. Equip suppression ammo for your pistol and your favourite Sniper Rifle and also some healing. The challenges sound harder as they are because you can speed run this mission in 6 minutes. In the theory you need only 3 Organ shots on enemies in the entire mission.

In my video I speed run to the bunker and before I enter the bunker I kill the first enemy with a organ shot. In the bunker I get the key from bosch and kill the enemies with the pistol. At the door to the reactor room I organ shot the next enemy. In the reactor room you can organ shot another enemy to reset the timer, then solve the mission task and leave. After you leave run straight to the exit point from the mission and on your way organ shot one last enemy and you should reach the end in the 2 minutes time limit.

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