Rise of the Tomb Raider DLC – Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Challenge – Vasilisa’s Lanterns Achievement

Rise of the Tomb Raider DLC – Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Challenge – Vasilisa’s Lanterns Achievement

Here is the guide for the achievement Vasilisa’s Lanterns in Rise of the Tomb Raider Baba Yaga DLC.To unlock the achievement / trophy you have to complete the Over the cuckoo’s Nest Challenge in Wicked Vale. After you solve the platform / rope puzzle, you will come to the platform with the chicken house which is an elevator / lift to the other side of the canyon. Before you start with the lift you can shoot down 4 / 10 witch lanterns, during the drive you have to shoot the other 6 lanterns. There is no point where you can see / shoot all 10 lantern, you have to use the lift!

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  1. I seem to be missing a lantern, I’m not sure if it is just missing or just didn’t register but I’ve watched a video of where they are and there are none there but still my count is one short. I had the bird glitch too, which I’m very pleased has been fixed.

    • I figur probably the easiest fix would be to delete the doc and reload it, but if it is a glitch other people are having then it is worth reporting.

    • I have the same issue. I’ve shot them all and have looked about 10 times no exaggeration. It’s a bug that ruins part of the game.

  2. Also missing one lantern after going over this over 40 times watching videos all the way and I’m one short, I think it is the one hanging under the bridge after you shoot the 3 by the wheel and waterfall. I thought I could sort it by shooting the lanterns in expedition mode but it will only allow you to shoot the first 4 lanterns. This is a great game but have a game breaking bug in my first DLC will ensure I buy no more. At least I was able to 100% the main game.

  3. Yes it is the lantern under the bridge on the right. I can see the rope stretched across the screen into the waterfall. I’ve also seen another screen shot showing the rope stretched into the wall on the left. There is no way to shoot this latern but if your missing one this is the place. You might notice the latern spinning around like 4 fireflies here here for a few seconds before its pulled off the map

  4. Ok so I figured this out…the missing lanterns are there, they are just not lit. Aim your arrow to the places where they should be and zoom in, your cross hair will light up red and you can complete this mission.

  5. so i was facing the same issue and found a way that worked for , hopefully for you guys too.

    1. you have to remember where each lantern is. (use youtube)
    2.call the gandola/lift and stand in front of it facing towards destination.
    3. Turn on your Survival instincts BUT DO NOT MOVE! as moving disables it. but you can LOOK around .
    mine was the one under the bridge on the left ! it showed up in my instincts(highlighted).

  6. after pulling the lever no cut scene apper netiher i can see the chicken house life nor i can see nadia .. please help me to solve the glitch

    • The lift functions like a lift. You have to go to the other side by fast traveling and the lift will be there. Just shoot the switch with a rope arrow to take it down. And on the way, shoot the missing lanterns.

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