Life is Strange Before the Storm Episode 2 Graffiti Locations (Picture+Text+Video)

Life is Strange Before the Storm Episode 2 Graffiti Locations (Picture+Text+Video)

This guide shows you all Life is Strange Before the Storm optional graffiti from Episode 2 Brave World. In this Episode you can find 10 graffiti. All optional graffiti are immediately saved. You can replay the Episode and select specific parts of the Episode in order to find the missing graffiti. There are always 2 graffiti you can spray, it doesn’t matter which one you spray.


00:08 – Optional Graffiti #1 (Stagehandwriting)
00:44 – Optional Graffiti #2 (Radical Piratical)
01:39 – Optional Graffiti #3 (Feels on Wheels)
02:17 – Optional Graffiti #4 (Canon Wall)
02:45 – Optional Graffiti #5 (Wishlist)
03:23 – Optional Graffiti #7 (Tread Harshly)
03:53 – Optional Graffiti #6 (Friendly Forest Friends)
07:12 – Optional Graffiti #8 (Permanent Record)
08:38 – Optional Graffiti #9 (Vanity Fare)
09:21 – Optional Graffiti #10 (Creature Feature)

Picture and Text

00:08 – Optional Graffiti #1 (Stagehandwriting)
On the parking lot where you can control Chloe the first time is the first graffiti located. From start turn right and you will see a pickup truck and here you will find the graffiti.

00:44 – Optional Graffiti #2 (Radical Piratical)
Chloe wants to find a battery in the junkyard to repair the old pickup truck. Before you do this there is a boat to the left side of the start point / truck. On this boat is the second graffiti located, a hood. You have to attempt to climb the boat first to trigger the pallet just to the left of the boats back then you can use the pallet to help you climb up.

01:39 – Optional Graffiti #3 (Feels on Wheels)
The third graffiti is also on the junkyard inside the old pickup truck which Chloe want to fix. After you have repaired the battery and have improved the interior of the truck, Chloe puts in the truck for a break and receives a call. After this call and BEFORE you smoke a cigarette turn the camera slightly left and the option for the third graffiti appears.

02:17 – Optional Graffiti #4 (Canon Wall)
This graffiti is also located on the junkyard. After your conversation with Rachel inside the truck you come automatically in a little shack where you have to change your clothes. Before you do this, turn right and go to the wall and the option for the fourth graffiti appears.

02:45 – Optional Graffiti #5 (Wishlist)
The fifth graffiti is inside Frank’s camper / RV. After you have the control over Chloe back, turn right and you see between sink and refrigerator a list with the option for a graffiti. Note: Do this before you bring the notebook to Frank otherwise the scene is over.

03:23 – Optional Graffiti #7 (Tread Harshly)
Note: graffiti #7 is slightly before graffiti #6. After you arrive the campus, you see in front a cordoned wet concrete. Walk through the wet concrete turn around and the option for graffiti number 7 appears.

03:53 – Optional Graffiti #6 (Friendly Forest Friends)
Note: graffiti #6 is slightly after graffiti #7 in the Campus area. For graffiti number 6 you have some things to do. These steps are the same steps to continue with the story in this area.

1. Go to large door and trigger the door
2. Go left side of this door to the small workshop / sprinkler room where samuel is inside
3. Interact with the key in this room to trigger the sprinkler option close to Evan
4. Interact with the sprinkler by Evan to trigger the bird scare option
5. Scare the bird four times until he sits on the totem and Evan leaves the sprinkler
6. Damage the sprinkler
7. Go inside the workshop / sprinkler room to the white door for graffiti #6

07:12 – Optional Graffiti #8 (Permanent Record)
Graffiti number 8 is inside the dorm. Go to the second door (Number 105) on the right side of the start point and enter the room. Open the drawer in this room and read the journal inside the drawer. Leave the room and interact (erase option) with board beside the door. After that the graffiti option appears.

08:38 – Optional Graffiti #9 (Vanity Fare)
After you change your clothes for the theater play to the Ariel character the graffiti is right there. You stand at the left mirror and the right mirror beside you is the graffiti, so go there and interact with the mirror.

09:21 – Optional Graffiti #10 (Creature Feature)
The graffiti can you find on a news article which is on the refrigerator in the kitchen in the last scene of episode 2 but before you can interact with the news article you have to do few things.

These steps are the same steps to continue with the story in this area.

1. Go the mother and speak with her (Setting the table)
2. Take the plates from the hanging cabinet next to the sink
3. Bring the plates to the table
4. Go the mother and speak with her (What next?)
5. Go the father and speak with him (Drink?)
6. Go the mother and speak with her (Sherry)
7. Go to china cabinet near the table and put the glass on the table
8. Go the mother and speak with her (More?)
9. The mother turns away from the refrigerator / stove and you can interact with the news article. Note: Do not light the candles or the scene is over!

Additional Videos

Full Video Walkthrough include all Graffiti

16:18 – Optional Graffiti #1 (Stagehandwriting)
25:58 – Optional Graffiti #2 (Radical Piratical)
34:47 – Optional Graffiti #3 (Feels on Wheels)
48:58 – Optional Graffiti #4 (Canon Wall)
51:34 – Optional Graffiti #5 (Wishlist)
57:55 – Optional Graffiti #7 (Tread Harshly)
58:38 – Optional Graffiti #6 (Friendly Forest Friends)
01:06:08 – Optional Graffiti #8 (Permanent Record)
01:20:32 – Optional Graffiti #9 (Vanity Fare)
01:41:34 – Optional Graffiti #10 (Creature Feature)

Quick graffiti Guide (without any explanation how to get, just the locations)

00:08 – Optional Graffiti #1 (Stagehandwriting)
00:20 – Optional Graffiti #2 (Radical Piratical)
00:43 – Optional Graffiti #3 (Feels on Wheels)
00:49 – Optional Graffiti #4 (Canon Wall)
00:58 – Optional Graffiti #5 (Wishlist)
01:09 – Optional Graffiti #7 (Tread Harshly)
01:27 – Optional Graffiti #6 (Friendly Forest Friends)
01:46 – Optional Graffiti #8 (Permanent Record)
02:14 – Optional Graffiti #9 (Vanity Fare)
02:27 – Optional Graffiti #10 (Creature Feature)

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