Destiny Wanted: The Blighted Descendant (The Citadel Venus)

Blighted Descendant

Here is the Walkthrough for the Taken Bounty from Petra Venj called Take the Wanted (Wanted: The Blighted Descendant)

1. A fireteam is recommended but not necessary – select patrol Venus on Venus
2. The Blighted Descendant is located in the Citadel area and the final boss of the taken public event
3. You get a message in the left bottom corner when the events starts
4. Take out the Lieutenant (invisible Captains) immediately after the spawn
5. There are 3 Lieutenants total and they spawn one after another
6. After the 3 Lieutenants are killed, the Blighted Descendant spawns
7. Kill the Blighted Descendant and the Bounty is solved

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