Destiny Wanted: Sho’oulth Horror of Oryx (Mars)

Sho’oulth Horror of Oryx

Here is the Walkthrough for the Taken Bounty from Petra Venj called Take the Wanted (Wanted: Sho’oulth Horror of Oryx)

1. A fireteam is recommended but not necessary – select patrol Mars on Mars
2. Sho’oulth Horror of Oryx is located in the Barrens area (Patrol start area) and the final boss of the taken public event
3. You get a message in the left bottom corner when the events starts
4. Take out the Lieutenant (yellow captains) immediately after the spawn
5. There are 3 Lieutenants total and they spawn one after another
6. After the 3 Lieutenants are killed, Sho’oulth Horror of Oryx spawns
7. Kill Sho’oulth Horror of Oryx and the Bounty is solved

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