Destiny Taken Assault Earth Walkthrough (How to get the curios object)

Taken Assault Earth

“Kill Taken Lieutenants with a fireteam to summon Champions. Seek them out at the Divide, Skywatch, and Rocketyard in the Cosmodrome. ”

Here is the video walkthrough from the Divide area to get your quest item (curios object) for the Taken Assault: Earth quest step from the Petra Venj Quest The Taken War: Petra

  • Form a fireteam (recommended) and select patrol cosmodrome on Earth
  • Go to one of the location in the quest description (The Divide in my Video)
  • The quest is some kind of a public event. You get a message when the events starts (Taken forces are corrupting the area)
  • Take out the Lieutenant (yellow Captains) immediately after the spawn
  • There are 3 Lieutenants total and they spawn one after another
  • After the 3 Lieutenants are killed, the Zealot Champion spawns with a message (Darkness rises! A Taken zealot arrives to claim you)
  • You get the quest item (curios object) automatically after the kill
  • You have to repeat the public event to finish the quest (you need two champion kills)

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