Destiny How to get Black Spindle (Exotic Sniper Rifle)

Black Spindle is basically the Black Hammer 2.0 in Destiny The Taken King. You can obtain this weapon only when the mission called Lost to Light is daily heroic! After the second Orb door you have a really close time limit to reach the door which leads to the tanik bossroom. That was the easy part, here begins after you go up (teleporter) the hardest part. You have 10 Minutes to kill all Enemies, include the boss and clear all adds in the bossroom. This is really tough! We use the 2 exotic sword warlock radiance strategy. The 2 warlocks with the sword go direclty to the boss and use the sword until they die. after a short time period, they use radiance and use the swords again against the boss until they die again. Now the boss has nearly lost 75% of this life
and you can manage the adds and boss easily nearly without problems.


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