Destiny – All Dreadnaught Chest Locations

Dreadnaught “Key of YXZ” Chest Locations

The Dreadnaught area has nine “Key of YXZ” chests.

This video shows you the locations of all nine Dreadnaught chests and the location of the “A Scent is the Key” chest. You need keys to open the Dreadnaught chests. For a “key of yxz” chest tutorial click here.

00:06 – Key of Ur
00:41 – Key of Xol
01:03 – Key of Eir

the next chests are in one run

01:53 – Key of Maggots
02:47 – Key of Wyrding
03:18 – Key of the Spawn
04:15 – A Scent is the Key

the next chests are in one run

04:44 – Key of Gnashing Teeth
05:33 – Key of Yuul
06:24 – Key of Akka

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