Destiny – All Dead Ghosts Locations Patch 2.1.0

Destiny – All Dead Ghosts Locations Patch 2.1.0

Here are all four Dead Ghost locations from Patch 2.1.0.

You can collect all four during the Summoning Pits Strike on Moon. The first two Ghosts can you also collect in Patrol Mode on Moon. I show you all 4 Ghosts during the strike. The last two Ghosts must be collected during the final boss fight. It is important that you let the Boss alive otherwise the Strike ends and you have only 30sec to get both Ghosts which is nearly impossible!

00:09 – The Ocean of Storms 2
01:04 – Osiris: Vision 47
02:31 – The Exo Stranger 2
03:29 – Rezyl Azzir – Before these Walls

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