Destiny All Dead Ghosts and Gold Chests on Venus

The Venus has 14 Dead Ghosts and 5 Gold Chests. One Dead Ghost is normally only available during the Strike “The Nexus” but we can currently use a Glitch to reach this Dead Ghosts in Patrolmode. If they patched in the Future, you have to play the Strikemission for this Dead Ghost. It is Number 9 at 05:17 in my Guide.


00:06 – Information
00:16 – Dead Ghost (Area: The Shattered Coast*)
00:54 – Gold Chest (Area: The Shattered Coast)
01:21 – Dead Ghost (Area: Ishtar Academy)
02:03 – Dead Ghost (Area: Ishtar Commons)
02:48 – Dead Ghost (Area: Hall of Whispers)
03:37 – Dead Ghost (Area: Ishtar Commons)
04:14 – Gold Chest (Area: N/Gen Branch)
04:46 – Dead Ghost (Area: N/Gen Branch)
05:17 – Dead Ghost (Area: Dig Site 4)
06:49 – Dead Ghost (Area: Ishtar Cliffs*)
07:54 – Dead Ghost (Area: Waking Ruins)
08:54 – Gold Chest (Area: Campus 9)
09:31 – Dead Ghost (Area: Campus 9)
09:58 – Dead Ghost (Area: Endless Steps)
11:26 – Dead Ghost (Area: Headlands*)
11:56 – Dead Ghost (Area: Ember Caves)
12:39 – Dead Ghost (Area: Winters Lair)
13:54 – Gold Chest (Area: Winters Lair)
14:37 – Gold Chest (Area: The Cinders)

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