Destiny All Dead Ghosts and Gold Chests on Moon

The Moon has 9 Dead Ghosts and 5 Gold Chests. One Dead Ghost is only available during the Storymission “Shrine of Oryx”.

One Gold Chest is only available during the Storymission “The Worlds Grave” and another Gold Chest is only available during the Strike “The Summoning Pits”.

For the Moon we need a updated Jump / Liftskill called “Increased Height”.


00:06 – Information
00:16 – Dead Ghost (Area: Shrine of Oryx*)
01:04 – Dead Ghost (Area: Archers Line*)
01:55 – Dead Ghost (Area: Archers Line)
02:25 – Gold Chest (Area: Archers Line)
03:17 – Dead Ghost (Area: Hall of Wisdom)
03:59 – Gold Chest (Area: The Worlds Grave)
04:21 – Gold Chest (Area: Archers Line*)
05:05 – Dead Ghost (Area: Hellmouth)
05:38 – Dead Ghost (Area: Anchor of Light)
06:50 – Gold Chest (Area: Temple of Crota)
07:54 – Dead Ghost (Area: Temple of Crota)
09:27 – Dead Ghost (Area: Gatehouse*)
10:05 – Dead Ghost (Area: Circle of Bones)
10:57 – Gold Chest (Area: The Summoning Pits)

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