Destiny 3 Dead Ghosts (Memories) in Vault of Glass – Cult Ghost Item (Daily Heroic Mission Paradox)

Vault of Glass Dead Ghosts

The threee memories (dead ghosts) are only available if paradox mission is the daily heroic. You have to collect all three memories (dead ghosts) without dying. If you die while collecting the memories, you’ll have to restart the entire mission.

Do not scan Praedyth’s Skeleton after you have killed the boss, instead head to the jumping puzzle. Dont worry if you die after you collected all three memories the portal will stay open regardless. After you have killed the ultra a chest will spawn in a room in the back containing the cult ghost.

00:06 – Mystery: The Vault of Glass
00:57 – Mystery: The Vault of Glass 2
02:41 – Mystery: The Vault of Glass 3
04:43 – Cult Ghost Quest Item
07:03 – Tower

If you have problems to find the way after Memory 1, here is the video with the path

360GameTV on Youtube

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