Destiny 2 Titan Region Chests Locations

Destiny 2 Titan Region Chests Locations

This guide shows you all Titan Region Chests Locations in Destiny 2. There are 6 region chests on Titan in 2 zones. Each zone has 3 region chests. For each chest you will get 1000 Glimmer, three planet specific tokens and with luck a item (gear or weapon).

The region chests are marked on your map, some of them are easy to find and some are really well hidden. The chest symbol disappears on your map after you collect a region chest.

Sirens Watch / The Rig

Sirens Watch
00:08 – Region Chest #1
00:39 – Region Chest #2
01:15 – Region Chest #3

The Rig
01:45 – Region Chest #4
02:20 – Region Chest #5
02:55 – Region Chest #6

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