Call of Duty Infinite Rock On! Achievement / Trophy – Dischord Wonder Weapon Step-by-Step Guide

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Rock On! Achievement / Trophy Guide

This guide shows you how to obtain the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Rock On! achievement / trophy.

Rock On!
In Spaceland, craft a Weapon of Rock.

To earn this achievement / trophy you have to build one of the wonder weapons in Zombies in Spaceland. I show you how to build the Dischord Wonder Weapon. There are 3 steps required to obtain this wonder weapon. You can do these steps in any order.

00:13 – Disco Ball Step

Put a blue, red, and green souvenir coin in the souvenir machine outside of the arcade hall. The order of the coins does not matter. Souvenir coins are dropped randomly by zombies.

01:24 – Battery Step

At first you need a Shades (sunglasses). It is a random drop by zombies. With the Shades on shoot 5 targets around the map. There are 13 locations where the targets can spawn. Below you will find a link to a video which shows these locations. When you get hit while wearing the sunglasses they will fall to the ground. If you are fast enough you can pick them up again. After you destroy the fifth target the battery piece will spawn on the dance floor in the arcade hall.

03:29 – Emerald Step

To obtain the emerald you need a lot of things. A brute, the crocodile trap, the mini ufos, 600 tickets, an arcane core, golden teeth and a lot of zombies. At first release the mini ufos inside the pack-a-punch room. Hold X / Square button at the vessel. Now you need a brute. Brutes always spawn in scene 10-12. Lure a brute into the crocodile trap to break its teeth. After that go to the arcade hall and use the disco trap (15-20 zombies needed) to change the path of the mini ufo. Purchase an arcane core which cost 300 tickets outside the arcade hall. Tickets can be obtain with arcade games, N31l challenges and zombie drops. Kill zombies near the ufo using the weapon you have upgraded with the arcane core. After lots of kills the ufo drops a ball of light. Pick it up and your weapon will be upgraded with the laser element.

Purchase golden teeth for 300 tickets and go to the crocodile trap in Kepler System. Place the golden teeth where the teeth broke off earlier and leave the trap. Shoot the 3rd circle with your upgraded weapon and pick up the emerald. Go back to the arcade hall and put all parts into the octonian cutout and obtain your dischord wonder weapon.

Dischord Target Locations (Battery Step)

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