Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Trophies / Achievements List

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Trophies / Achievements List.

Here is the complete Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Trophies / Achievements List. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare comes out this week. Thanks to for the list.


Awarded when all other trophies have been unlocked.


The Longest Day
Complete all Single Player missions on Veteran.


You Know Nothing
Kill Kotch before his speech ends.

Top Gun
Complete all Jackal-only side missions.

Targets of Opportunity
Complete all ship boarding side missions.

Sticker Collector
In Spaceland, find all of the quest items and complete the sticker pack.

Sooooul Key
In Spaceland, recover the piece of the Soul Key.

Royal Flush
All SDF Aces and Captains killed.

Peace to the Fallen
Listened to all of the death letters of the fallen.

Jackal Ace
Earn all Jackal weapons and upgrades.

Gun Nut
All weapons scanned.

Fully Equipped
Earn all equipment upgrades.

Danger Close
Kill 15 enemies with a zero G grappling hook.

Brain Dead
In Spaceland, play 30 games and get to scene 10 or higher.


Rising Threat
Complete Rising Threat.

Black Sky
Complete Black Sky.

Operation Port Armor
Complete Operation Port Armor.

Operation Burn Water
Complete Operation Burn Water.

Operation Dark Quarry
Complete Operation Dark Quarry.

Operation Black Flag
Complete Operation Black Flag.

Operation Blood Storm
Complete Operation Blood Storm.

Operation Taken Dagger
Complete Operation Taken Dagger.

Operation Phoenix
Complete Operation Phoenix.

Operation D-Con
Complete Operation D-Con.

Operation Deep Execute
Complete Operation Deep Execute.

Operation Safe Harbor
Complete Operation Safe Harbor.

Operation Pure Threat
Complete Operation Pure Threat.

Operation Grave Robber
Complete Operation Grave Robber.

Operation Sudden Death
Complete Operation Sudden Death.

Operation Trace Kill
Complete Operation Trace Kill.

New Gun Collector
Scan your first weapon!

Serious Gun Collector
Scan 10 weapons.

Make it Personal
Load out with a custom weapon.

Gear Up
Find your first equipment upgrade.

Fangs Out
Earn your first Jackal item (weapon or upgrade).

Ante Up
Get your first kill on the most-wanted board.

Aces High
Clear half of the most-wanted board.

Captain’s Log
Use the computer in the Captain’s office.

Reality TV
Watch a news cast.

Boots on the Ground
Go 2 minutes without double jumping or wall running in a mission where these abilities are available.

Kick open a door, peek open a door, and throw a grenade while peeking a door.

Gravity Kills
Kill an enemy while floating in your own anti-gravity grenade.

Kill a C12 by doing a right rodeo, a left rodeo and by blowing off multiple limbs.

The Bigger They Are
In Spaceland, defeat 5 Brutes in one game without dying.

Hoff The Charts!
In Spaceland, unlock David Hasselhoff.

Rock On!
In Spaceland, craft a Weapon of Rock.

Get Packed
In Spaceland, Pack-A-Punch a weapon.

Batteries Not Included
In Spaceland, create an Exquisite Core.

I Love the 80’s
In Spaceland, find the MW1 and MW2 songs.

Insert Coin
In Spaceland, play every arcade game at least once.


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