Call of Duty Infinite Warfare The Bigger They Are Achievement / Trophy

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare The Bigger They Are Achievement / Trophy Guide

This guide shows you how to obtain the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare The Bigger They Are achievement / trophy.

The Bigger They Are
In Spaceland, defeat 5 Brutes in one game without dying.

This is a quick guide how to get this achievement / trophy. Keep this in mind!

– Step 1: Collect the 3 parts (Calculator / Umbrella / Boom-Box) for the seti-com. There are 3 locations for each part.

  • Calculator: Near PaP On a bench, arcade hall on a trashcan (top floor), bench near the Chromosphere trap
  • Umbrella: on a bench near the slides, in Polar Peak portal room On the table, in a corner near juggernaut
  • Boom-box: under the bridge near the start, next to the power switch Kepler system, Kitchen underground

– Step 2: Activate the 4 powerswitches, the 4 portals and go inside! the PaP room (important)
– Step 3: Purchase the Oni weapon and the BANG BANGS perk besides juggernaut perk
– Step 4: Go to the Hoff, give him the parts and finish the round. Next round he will give you the seti-com
– Step 5: Place the seti-com in the location in your game and do not defend it (there are 7 locations). Your screen and controller are vibrating if you are in the right location. Check Underground kitchen, entrance Journey Into Space, Outside Bumper Cars, area before Polar Peek, Polar Peek portal room, Fountains, behind the Crocodile trap
– Step 6: When the seti-com is destroyed a brute will spawn. Go to a large area like PaP Portal and kill the brute.
– Step 7: After you kill the brute, purchase new ammo and go back to the Hoff (He changes the location sometimes). The Hoff gives you a new seti-com and you can repeat this process so often you want. Go back to your seti-com location, place the seti-com on the ground and do again nothing. A brute spawns, kill the brute, go to hoff, get a new seti-com, repeat until you have 5 brute kills without dying!

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