Battlefield 1 Field Manuals – Avanti Savoia!

All Battlefield 1 Field Manuals in Avanti Savoia!

This guide shows you all Field Manuals in the War Story called “Avanti Savoia!” from the game Battlefield 1. The game has a total of 66 Field Manuals in 5 war stories. Field Manuals are the collectibles in Battlefield 1. For all Battlefield 1 Field Manuals you will get the achievement / trophy called “Enough for a library”.

Enough for a library
Collect all Field Manuals in the campaign

In this war story are 10 Field Manuals located. Both missions in this war story have 5 Field Manuals.

The Field Manuals are immediately saved so you do not need to reach the next checkpoint or recollect if you die. In the main menu under the point story you can see how many collectibles you have collected and which when you select a war story and scroll through the chapters.

00:09 – #01 – O La Vittoria
00:37 – #02 – O La Vittoria
01:10 – #03 – O La Vittoria
01:33 – #04 – O La Vittoria
02:07 – #05 – O La Vittoria
02:31 – #06 – O Tutti Accoppati
03:15 – #07 – O Tutti Accoppati
03:54 – #08 – O Tutti Accoppati
04:37 – #09 – O Tutti Accoppati
05:18 – #10 – O Tutti Accoppati

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  1. Can you help? in the O Tutti mission. I cant collect the field manual between the beds. I have restarted the mission numerous times and even the game thinking it was a glitch. please help.

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