Assassins Creed Origins A Long Drink Papyrus Puzzle

Assassins Creed Origins A Long Drink Papyrus Puzzle – How to solve Siwa Papyrus Puzzle

This guide shows you how to solve the A Long Drink Papyrus Puzzle in Siwa territory in Assassins Creed Origins. There are 25 Papyrus Puzzles in the game. For solving one papyrus puzzle you will earn this achievement / trophy:

Elementary, My Dear Bayek
Solve a papyrus mystery.

The remaining papyrus puzzles you should also solve because you get 300 coins, 500 experience and a rare or legendary Item (weapon or armor) for each papyrus puzzle and it is a nice and easy way to get really good armor and weapons (it scales with your current level).

If you pick up a papyrus it will give you a clue for the location. To solve the Papyrus Puzzle find out where the location is and loot the item.

In the sidebar you can find an overview of my Assassins Creed Origins content. There, you can find all boss fights and two achievement / trophy guides. You can also use this side as navigation through the Assassins Creed Origins content.

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