Hi, my name is Frank, I am 39 years old and I live in Germany. I am the founder of the YouTube channel “360GameTV”. I discovered my passion for video games very early in the 1980s and since then it is a part of my life.

2011 I create the youtube channel called “360GameTV”. The channel stands for High Quality Achievement and Trophy Guides / Walkthroughs and is currently a one-man show. I play all games, create all guides and manage the 360GameTV channel.

You’ll find here:

– Collectibles Guide (Single & the original All in One Guides)

– Achievement & Trophy Guides

– truly the best walkthroughs for the highest difficulty

– some other stuff about videogames

The collectible guides will be normally online at the release day, or 1-2 days later. The walkthroughs will be online 1 or 2 weeks after release. I test different routes to find the quickest, most silent & clearest route for a mission. Additionally, I test the replayability of the routes etc.

A word on my English skills. Unfortunately, I never learned proper English. Please bear this in mind when encountering any mistakes.

Recording GT: Zasta 360GameTV

Private GT: Rasta 360GameTV


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